About Buddy

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Certified Tax Return Preparer

I am a Registered Tax Return Preparer(RTRP) through the IRS.

Work Experiences

My name is Alfred Carroll. I started doing taxes while serving in the Air Force as the Accounting and Finance Unit Tax Advisor from 1981 to 1994. I received training while in Germany from an IRS agent serving in Europe to complete personal tax returns and those with foreign income requiring Forms 2555 Foreign Income and 1116 Credit for Foreign Taxes. After retiring from the Air Force I decided to do Taxes for H&R Block. I completed a 10 week course and was hired after passing a test . I have worked 16 years each year requiring at least 24 hours of updating classes. In all, I have accumulated working and training knowledge in access of 30 years.

Other Detailed Experience: (But not limited to)

-Cancellation of Debt
-Foreign Income
-Rental Properties
-Small Business Schedule C
-Sale of Home
-Sale of Small Business
-Stocks Sales
-Sale of Investments

Services Overview

-Free E-File with a Prepared Return

-Drop offs are welcome

I will provide tax services for Individual and Small Business Schedule C returns to include. For more information please visit the other detailed experience section on the Home Page.

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